5 Tips for Productivity

There are all kinds of tools and resources out there to tell you how to be productive. Go ahead and Google it and you’ll find endless pages linking to videos and articles all focused around this very topic. Everyone  wants to increase their productivity. Or a least everyone who has a drive to better themselves, theirContinue reading “5 Tips for Productivity”

Lady Jenji is now on Facebook!

Lady Jenji Writing & Design is proud to announce the launch of their official Facebook page! Please visit the page here and give us a like. Be sure to tune in daily to see our “Word of the Day” and other exciting news. Additional social media accounts are in the works so that we stay connected with theContinue reading “Lady Jenji is now on Facebook!”


The past two weeks have been a helluva ride.  In the midst of everything I’ve come to a few very important conclusions that ultimately are going help the success of my business, my future, and securing my writer’s lifestyle (or let’s hope). But before I even go there here’s a quick scoop on my disappearance afterContinue reading “Newsflash!”

Weekly Update -Halfway Through January

I’ve actually kept to my schedule this week. I am thrilled and excited with myself for keeping on track. Accomplishments from this week: -created a logo for Pam’s Drapery Designs (a few minor tweaks still in progress). -registered a domain and began work on the website for Pam’s Drapery Designs. Much construction still needed, howeverContinue reading “Weekly Update -Halfway Through January”

Cat Leashes and Catios

My kitten Aslan and I are embarking on another adventure together. I am leash training him! Training cats to walk on a leash, according to the good ol’ Internet, can be beneficial. Your cat get’s to explore the outdoors experiencing new sights and sounds, you both get exercise, it’s a chance for bonding, and it’s just plain fun. OurContinue reading “Cat Leashes and Catios”

A Disney Princess Zodiac Guide

Over New Years weekend my sister and I were discussing Disney Princesses in regards to the Zodiac. I mentioned reading an article many months back that traced me, as a Libra, to Rapunzel. We’re Disney fanatics and of course my sister wanted to see which one correlated to her star sign and did a quickContinue reading “A Disney Princess Zodiac Guide”

White Blazes

White Blazes   Chilly ice caps every peak In winter’s cold revenge. Crunching snow beneath the boot, Will lead down to the end Of thousands years Trekked up and down, The Eastern Coast by day. Whilst nighttime brings Dark wildlife, A noise that can’t escape.   As buds emerge on bony trees, They chase whiteContinue reading “White Blazes”

Week Four & Five: Christmas Prep

Ahh yes, the smells of Christmas are in the air. Of course, in Florida that doesn’t quite mean the thing that it did up north.  It doesn’t smell like pine trees, or burning wood from fireplaces, or hot cocoa, or snow or any of the usual odors I’ve learned to associate with Christmas. It’s hot. Sunny.Continue reading “Week Four & Five: Christmas Prep”