Is Paintball The Next Big Thing?

I played my very first game of paintball when I was twelve years old and on a church youth group event at Pev’s in Virginia. It was thrilling, it was overwhelming, but mostly I hated wearing the mask! It felt constrictive. Restraining. I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of being in the middle ofContinue reading “Is Paintball The Next Big Thing?”

Cat Leashes and Catios

My kitten Aslan and I are embarking on another adventure together. I am leash training him! Training cats to walk on a leash, according to the good ol’ Internet, can be beneficial. Your cat get’s to explore the outdoors experiencing new sights and sounds, you both get exercise, it’s a chance for bonding, and it’s just plain fun. OurContinue reading “Cat Leashes and Catios”