Picking A Pet: Cats vs. Dogs

So you’re ready to take the next step and add a furry companion to your life. That’s fantastic! But how do you know which animal will best fit your lifestyle and family needs? Have you thought about who’s going to be responsible for your companion? Will it be your kids? Your partner? Are you livingContinue reading “Picking A Pet: Cats vs. Dogs”

6 Things That Kill A Cat’s Happiness.

Most all pet owners love their fur-babies to death. I know that I do! My cats are my world and I’m always striving to make sure they’re happy and well taken care of. I’d rather go without than see my kitties go without. However, sometimes even the simplest things can have the biggest impact onContinue reading “6 Things That Kill A Cat’s Happiness.”

Cat Leashes and Catios

My kitten Aslan and I are embarking on another adventure together. I am leash training him! Training cats to walk on a leash, according to the good ol’ Internet, can be beneficial. Your cat get’s to explore the outdoors experiencing new sights and sounds, you both get exercise, it’s a chance for bonding, and it’s just plain fun. OurContinue reading “Cat Leashes and Catios”