JENNI and MDP order headshotJenni Gilray Johnson, age 29, is an American artist and writer with passions for energy & spirituality, philosophical thinking, positivity, art, fiction writing and cats.

The alias Lady Jenji is derived from none other than Jenni’s maiden name itself. When she was growing up, her friends affectionately referred to her as Jenni G, which was sometimes shortened to JennG. She eventually altered the spelling and ‘Jenji’ was born, with Lady added for an additional feministic touch.

This author-artist has a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts and enjoys helping friends with their art projects, blogging, meditating, and playing with her cats. She is a proud member of the Modern Day Pirates Order International, an adventure society dedicated to charity, mentorship, self improvement, and community. In her spare time she works quietly on her first three-part fantasy fiction novel series, which you can learn more about in the occasional post.

Jenni, aka Lady Jenji, works remotely from her beach town in Melbourne, FL where she lives happily with her husband and two adorable kitty cats.

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