Welcome to a cat-lover’s haven! Introducing the fur-babies of Lady Jenji Writing & Design:

The first kitty cat, Ganja, is the super smart, ever playful huntress. She loves a good window view, chasing lizards, wolfing down snacks, and napping in suitcases. She turned nine this year and enjoys ruling the roost in her household.


The second kitty is baby boy Aslan. He’s the lightning fast speedster who’s always on the attack. He never fails to fall off the couch mid chase or sit on your face in the middle of the night, but he also offers endless snuggles and kitty kisses – and bites!


Cats are the best. Share your cat photos and keep them coming!


Christmas 2016


Christmas 2017


Christmas 2019

Christmas 2020 – the year we survived a global pandemic.

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