Where copy meets design.

Every well-crafted story deserves breathtaking visuals. Your organization has a powerful message to share, so why risk selling it short? Simplify your copywriting and graphic needs by turning to someone who’s proficient in both.

Two amazing services. One talented creator.

Jenni Johnson provides lead-generating copy and creative design solutions for organizations, retailers, and venues in the arts and entertainment industries. She combines a unique skillset to boost the number of artists and supporters your company needs to thrive, including her:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts degree
  • Graphics & printing industry experience
  • AWAI copywriting training
  • Creative writing background

Who can benefit from Jenni’s services?

Art Organizations/Associations

Attract generous patrons, supportive members, and talented creators.

Arts & Entertainment Retailers

Boost product and service sales.

Theaters, Galleries, & Venues

Increase traffic and attendance at shows, exhibits, and performances.

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(703) 357-3148

Palm Bay, Florida USA
Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Jenni Johnson helps organizations and venues connect with artists, creators, and supporters, to boost patronage, memberships, and product or ticket sales.