One easy decision could save thousands on your next marketing project…

If your organization hires freelancers, there’s one simple trick you can use to save big bucks on marketing promotions. And it’s one you can use over and over, for as long as copywriting and graphic design are part of your advertising plan.

It’s got nothing to do with website hosting, paper quality, or using “cheaper” materials…

It’s not about renting or buying mailing lists or expensive ad space either…

And it’s certainly not by downgrading the quality of freelancers you hire… in fact it’s quite the opposite!

The answer is so easy, and yet many marketing teams aren’t taking advantage of it. Perhaps that’s because, while simple in theory, the solution is much rarer to find…

To save money on your marketing projects and promotions, you need to hire a talented copywriter who is also a skilled graphic designer.

Every promotion, from direct-response sales letters to online advertisements and company newsletters, requires two critical components:

  • Lead-generating copy
  • An attention-grabbing design

And typically, you’re going to pay two freelancers to do it. Sure, many copywriters have a recommended graphic designer, which makes things easier, but you’re still dealing with two people. With two contracts and two payouts.

When you hire a single person who’s both a copywriter and graphic designer (and is fantastic at both), you’ll save time, hassle, and money.

With the right freelancer, you’ll receive bundled fees for the writing and design work that could potentially save thousands of dollars, depending on the scope of your project. The process will also be quicker and more efficient… the freelancer starts writing with a layout already in mind, making it easier to transform the raw text into a finished piece. There won’t be any “lost in translation” hiccups due to copywriter and graphic designer miscommunications either.

Traditionally, if you need to round out a section of the final design with a quick copy change or addition after the writing is finalized, you’ll have to run back to the copywriter, which might come with more fees! However, when your copywriter is your designer, they’ll simply make the copy changes and send them for review.

It’s that easy.

And you’re dealing with only one freelancer. One contract. One payout. And by the end of it, your project is successfully completed. Simplify your next copywriting project by using a freelancer exactly like me, Jenni Johnson.

I’m an AWAI trained copywriter with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. I’ve learned the effective concepts behind persuasive copy and graphic design that are sure to increase your company revenue, whether by attracting new players, landing a product/service sale, or selling park and event tickets.

I specialize in the paintball, sports, and entertainment industries, so if you’re a field owner looking for participants, a sports team seeking players, a retailer trying to boost sales, a promoter building your brand, or anywhere in between, I’ve got you covered. Together, we can keep our world active, happy and having fun. If that’s your goal, I’m here to help you accomplish it.

You won’t be disappointed. In fact, if you’re still skeptical at all, please browse through my portfolio.

And don’t worry if you only need one service or the other. I’ll write and work with another designer, or design another copywriter’s work, no problem.

Ready to discuss a project? Please contact me to schedule a free consultation and receive a proposal.

All the best,

Jenni Johnson

“Life is an adventure that we create.”