Blood Family Isn’t Always Healthy Family

A member of my family tried to physically assault me earlier this week, yet according to her, I’m the bad guy. What did I do, you might ask? I asked why she was so grumpy. That was it. No, seriously. I’m writing this post because cutting ties with blood family is sometimes the only optionContinue reading “Blood Family Isn’t Always Healthy Family”

Is Paintball The Next Big Thing?

I played my very first game of paintball when I was twelve years old and on a church youth group event at Pev’s in Virginia. It was thrilling, it was overwhelming, but mostly I hated wearing the mask! It felt constrictive. Restraining. I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of being in the middle ofContinue reading “Is Paintball The Next Big Thing?”

Week Four & Five: Christmas Prep

Ahh yes, the smells of Christmas are in the air. Of course, in Florida that doesn’t quite mean the thing that it did up north.  It doesn’t smell like pine trees, or burning wood from fireplaces, or hot cocoa, or snow or any of the usual odors I’ve learned to associate with Christmas. It’s hot. Sunny.Continue reading “Week Four & Five: Christmas Prep”