Stop Ignoring Your Trauma

I’ve seen an influx of posts circulating social media lately spreading a similar message: your trauma didn’t make you stronger, you made yourself stronger. Or something along those lines. And I realize the point they are trying to make – you are your strength not the hurt that forced you to be strong. In someContinue reading “Stop Ignoring Your Trauma”

Blood Family Isn’t Always Healthy Family

A member of my family tried to physically assault me earlier this week, yet according to her, I’m the bad guy. What did I do, you might ask? I asked why she was so grumpy. That was it. No, seriously. I’m writing this post because cutting ties with blood family is sometimes the only optionContinue reading “Blood Family Isn’t Always Healthy Family”

The Voice Inside Your Head

We all have it. Inner monologue. Train of thought. Brain manifestations. Whatever you call it doesn’t matter, because regardless I’m betting most of us struggle with a similar aspect: the dreaded naysayer! The you’re-not-good-enough. The dream-killer. I hear this voice a lot and I’m a pretty strong-willed person. I can only imagine how it affectsContinue reading “The Voice Inside Your Head”

When Depression is Not Enough

I admitted something to my husband today that I haven’t said out loud in a long time. I didn’t even mean to tell him, but the truth is, I’m depressed. Though you wouldn’t know it if you entered my life anytime in the last 5-6 years, I used to go through bouts of depression ratherContinue reading “When Depression is Not Enough”

Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude

It seems I’ve gone on another inadvertent hiatus. Six months have slipped by since my last post. Normally, I would write some long winded explanation as to what was commanding all of my time, why I couldn’t post an update, apologizing for my absence, blah, blah, blah. Not this time. I don’t owe any explanationsContinue reading “Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude”

30 Things I learned Before 30.

In six days, I’ll be thirty. Generally, when I ask people about turning thirty, they have some sort of PTSD or horror story associated with it. “When I turned thirty, my body fell apart.” “I cried all night.” “Thirty was really hard for me.” True stories. Me? I’m pretty excited about turning thirty. I thinkContinue reading “30 Things I learned Before 30.”

Live Your Truth

I think there are few people who actually know themselves. Of course, who’s to say what it means to know yourself? And how do you actually know when you know yourself? I certainly keep learning about myself, everyday. And I intend to keep learning each day, for the rest of my life. So if that’sContinue reading “Live Your Truth”

Stop Expecting YOU From Everyone Else

I won’t lie. I get frustrated when people complete tasks subpar to what I could do. Whether at work, on the home front, or some other occasion, a little something inside ticks when I see other people cut corners or invest less than 100% into a project. I think, “I would have done x…” orContinue reading “Stop Expecting YOU From Everyone Else”

A Short Dive Into Time

Time. We all have our own concepts on what it really means. After all, the word time itself can describe a multitude of things – “What time is it?” “Give me a moment of your time.“ “The times have been hard.” “It’s pretty hot for this time of year.” “The timing is off.” When you think of time, is it, in fact, purely clockContinue reading “A Short Dive Into Time”

Positive Mindset, Positive Results

There’s a reason positivity is all the hype these days. It’s a wagon people are jumping on almost as fast as millennials did social media, and here’s why: Positivity works. No tricks. No teases. Just results. I’ve personally experienced countless situations when shifting my mindset positively made a favorable impact, whether in my health, my life, or ultimately my happiness. TheContinue reading “Positive Mindset, Positive Results”