The Perfect Partner For You

I have a theory about romantic partners that goes something like this… If you wouldn’t argue that your partner is better than all the other partners out there, you haven’t found the right person yet. Quick sidebar: I’m not saying you live in the delusion that your partner is flawless or the best person inContinue reading “The Perfect Partner For You”

Blood Family Isn’t Always Healthy Family

A member of my family tried to physically assault me earlier this week, yet according to her, I’m the bad guy. What did I do, you might ask? I asked why she was so grumpy. That was it. No, seriously. I’m writing this post because cutting ties with blood family is sometimes the only optionContinue reading “Blood Family Isn’t Always Healthy Family”

A Best Friend Can Break Your Heart

People tend to forget that a best friend can break your heart. Why is it we’re so wrapped up in romantic love that we’ll take our friendships for granted, or worse, betray a person we call “friend?” Maybe it’s unintentional. Maybe we hide behind excuses. Or maybe, we all forget that we’re human, and humansContinue reading “A Best Friend Can Break Your Heart”

The Many Faces of LOVE

Oh love, sweet love. One of my favorite things in the world. Do you know what I love most, about love? It makes people do things they felt otherwise incapable of. It pushes people to action. It moves mountains. Love, at its purest and healthiest form, is unconditional. It doesn’t matter what other factors might changeContinue reading “The Many Faces of LOVE”