Live Your Truth

I think there are few people who actually know themselves.

Of course, who’s to say what it means to know yourself? And how do you actually know when you know yourself?

I certainly keep learning about myself, everyday. And I intend to keep learning each day, for the rest of my life. So if that’s the case, and we’ll keep learning, growing, and evolving into better and better versions of ourselves, how do you know when you know?

The first thing that will help you know yourself is to learn your truth. Learn it, embrace it, accept it. We are all unique, and we all have different truths that speak to us.

There is so much noise surrounding us, filtering through us, including the nonstop ramble that is our own voice and consciousness, and it can become so incredibly loud. It’s easy to get caught up in something we don’t like or agree with, especially for the sake of someone else. So first, you must choose to learn your truth and what you stand for, and then you speak it. 

Learning to speak your truth becomes incredibly freeing, and powerful. You voice openly what is or isn’t acceptable in your life. You take the plunge to say what’s on your mind, and stand up for what you believe in.

But how do you first learn it, so that you can speak it?

Let’s say you’re in a lifestyle you don’t particularly enjoy. Maybe it was something you were born into, or maybe it was bad choices, poor luck, or life’s idea of a cruel joke, but for whatever reason you ended up there. You push away that little voice, the one that says you deserve better, that you can do better. Maybe you feel a sense of safety, or comfortability.

Well that’s a warning right there!

Never let yourself get too safe, or too comfortable. You’ll risk getting stagnant, and our energy is not meant to be stagnant! We are meant to grow, like beautiful trees except it’s our energy bodies growing, evolving and healing. If you are not taking risks, trying new things, or pursuing your dreams, you’ll keep sinking further and further away from the person your soul is craving to be.

So don’t push away that little voice telling you to do better.


Seriously. Stop and listen, to yourself.

You can learn to listen to the inside of your mind, acknowledging each thought as it enters, accepting it as a part of you, and releasing it again into the wind. Sort of like watching clouds pass by in the sky above. As you listen to your thoughts, so you start to shape the core being that is your soul.

If something is bothering you, listen. Your consciousness will tell you why, and may offer up a solution.

If a difficult decision plagues your future, listen. Your deepest instincts will guide your choices, reading the energetic patterns surrounding our lives and our movements, steering us towards our life’s purpose.

As you listen to yourself, you are learning your truth. You learn what is acceptable to you in a relationship with a friend, a lover, and even your family. You speak the truth that you can no longer tolerate certain behaviors, and you may even cut ties with people you love in the process. You find the courage to take responsibility for prior actions and bring some serious changes to your world. All of this brings you closer to your truth and the life you were meant for. It is uncomfortable and it hurts, but it is healing, and ultimately it is taking you one step closer to the last step: living your truth.

When you are living your truth, you are facing the inner most part of who you are and mirroring that in your everyday actions. Your life reflects your truths.

Once you learn to draw your lines, raise your barriers, and stand by your morals, you’ll find yourself shifting into a place you were meant to be. You’ll find your days are filled with activities you love, and people who make you feel secure and whole. You might find yourself suddenly living in a life that feels surreal. How did you possibly manifest a life as great as this?

The getting there isn’t easy though, but that’s all part of the fun. Life isn’t meant to be all simplicity and sunshine (even when you know yourself and love your life). But finding out who you are may just open up the rivers and opportunities you need to push yourself.

So listen to yourself, and learn why you are the way you are. Think about your past, and the events that shaped your thought processes, your triggers, and your reactions. Really feel and listen to your emotions as you experience them. Emotions are little messengers from our energy fields, telling us what is happening around us. And the only way you can understand those emotions is if you listen.

Listen and learn into speaking and living.

You will learn who you are, and come face to face with some hard realizations. But you will also experience the most amazing euphoria and freedom.

And if you should find yourself in the most perfectly serene situation, content, happy, comfortable… start dreaming up your next move. Time to keep the energy from sitting stagnant. You are growing each day, and so you will continue to grow as you move through the years and phases of your life.

I guess you’ll know yourself, when you know. Only you know who you are, and the potential you have to share with the world. And you will continue learning about yourself everyday until your last breath… of course even then, perhaps the consciousness goes on…

Keep Learning. Keep Speaking. Keep Living.

Until next time,

Yours for Happy Writing –

Lady Jenji

Published by Jenni Johnson

Jenni Johnson, aka Lady Jenji, is a writer, artist, and lover to all. She and her husband live in Palm Bay, Florida. They are quite fond of cats.

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