The Fate of a Nation

The world is heavy.

We are living in an unprecedented time of not only U.S. history, but global history.

This relates a lot to the ideas I brought up in Proud To Be An American? (If you haven’t read that, you may want to start there). It’s a fact that the government doesn’t give a shit about you. That they’re profiting off you and using you to further their agenda.

Well, it’s all connected. From the mass global protests, to the systematic racism we’re fighting in America, even to the coronavirus pandemic. I’m not saying I know anything, or have insider information, or even necessarily that my ideas are right.

All I have is my gut, my research, and my ability to pay attention and connect the dots.

And here’s the part they didn’t realize: that social media would give us connection even in separation. A way to share our pain and stories. A way to expose them. It’s my little theory about how the Internet has and still might save us, but only if we are brave enough to take it.

I one-hundred percent believe our government is not for its people. And thank goodness we still have free speech and I can write this… but I believe the government will torture, murder, and terrorize its own citizens. Not a thing in this world will sway me of that opinion until we undergo mass reformation.

I also believe that many governments in general operate similarly. It’s all about the control factor. Those in high level positions have power and luxury. They partner up with other rich people and entities, only caring about themselves and the security their positions afford them. And those that do stray from the norm and try to speak out or make critical changes in policy just might find themselves assassinated. It’s a systematic control that has infected the globe for hundreds, even thousands of years by countless nations and empires and peoples.

And this system built oh so hidden but right in plain sight, the one that keeps the working class poor and the rich in power, is going to usher in a new federal order. One that steals away the last civil freedoms we have. We’re being led directly towards a police state, and I don’t just mean in this country, but across the globe. One that oppresses the people, that kills them with pharmaceuticals and hides cures for population control, one that builds wealth off the backs of the public, taxes its people to death (and beyond) and keeps its citizens in their neat boxes and lines, not out making a ruckus, not fighting for a cause, or bringing awareness to corrupt institutions.

How quickly the theory was tested this year. I mean, it was only a matter of weeks before the whole world was basically shut down. I’m not saying that the coronavirus isn’t real, because it is, but what a great opportunity for world leaders to “test” just how easily it will be to shut the people up in their houses, confine them to their spaces, and let them CHOOSE separation. It made us fearful of other people, even our own neighbors. What a convenient opportunity COVID-19 gave them.

And systematic racism was built into the U.S. to keep us separate from the beginning. Even as the people fought for equality, the government meant to keep us fighting. A two-party political system emerged to ensure a major division in the country. They couldn’t risk a bunch of free-thinkers who have multiple options to choose what’s best, but rather instead force fed piles of bullshit lies down the people’s throats until now when we’re told to pick “the lesser of two evils.”

Division, division, division! That’s what the government sows.

That’s exactly what they want. The continued racism against blacks was purposefully done to instigate… well a civil war maybe? To bring our people to a climatic head, battling in our hometowns and streets. And for what? All so that they might swiftly slide in and declare martial law and new federal control for the sake of “peace” and “safety.”

I believe there are other countries across the world doing the same thing to their citizens. Oppressing them, dividing them with an issue, and preparing to step in once they start tearing themselves apart.

Actually, picking up the ashes of a shattered nation sounds like a great way to grasp total power.

Because let’s face it: a large majority of people do need directions. Managing. Need to be told what to do. People need leaders. But we as a society must hold ourselves accountable for providing the best, most humble leadership we can, one that actually cares about the people. Leaders that ARE the people.

The system is built against that, to disallow regular people from getting in, at least not easily. Just joining the game is expensive, but it’s also bound to corrupt you. How can the people get someone they trust into power when our pool is focused on the rich? Most people aren’t rich!

The government would have gotten away with it too, with this new federal order that I just feel in my soul has been meticulously planned for decades. They might not have met such heavy resistance, if it wasn’t for the Internet. After all, the media was already in their pocket, pushing their agenda of division and hate. But the Internet… well the Internet took on a life of its own.

Let’s be real: the Internet created an information hub. And while it’s littered with tons of false information, and junk, and opinions (like mine), it has also become one of the most valuable resources in exposing corruption, in bringing awareness to campaigns, and overall allowing the people and the public across the world to interact and share their stories and voices.

We’re able to read about police brutality cases all over the U.S. and recognize that there is a deeper issue. We’re able to witness these events through modern technology, creating awareness and passion towards ending injustice.

I mean, it was thanks to the Internet that most peopled heard about certain government agencies when their plots were exposed and the truth behind their intentions revealed. I think most people agree on any side that our government is shady. Can you imagine if that information had never made its way to the public domain? If mass amounts of people had no substantial knowledge of the government spying on them, and torturing whistleblowers?

All of this is connected and it paints the larger scheme of government control that’s reaching to take root.

But we as citizens of this country and this globe must be courageous and use this connection to create real change. And we are. But you can’t sit idly by and think, “this won’t affect me.”

It does affect you!

Every. Person. Reading. This.

Fighting injustice against blacks and people of color is embarrassingly long overdue in the United States. And now it is a tipping point that desperately needs correction in order to prevent the beginning of a new horror: the end of civil freedom as we know it.

Everything is coming to a head. The fate of a nation will be decided.

What role do you want to play?

As always –

Yours for happy writing –

Lady Jenji

Published by Jenni Johnson

Jenni Johnson, aka Lady Jenji, is a writer, artist, and lover to all. She and her husband live in Palm Bay, Florida. They are quite fond of cats.

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