Positive Mindset, Positive Results

sunset-positivity-mindset-post1.jpgThere’s a reason positivity is all the hype these days. It’s a wagon people are jumping on almost as fast as millennials did social media, and here’s why:

Positivity works. No tricks. No teases. Just results.

I’ve personally experienced countless situations when shifting my mindset positively made a favorable impact, whether in my health, my life, or ultimately my happiness. The most shining example I have is my skin, which hit all three out of the park and is my first true success story regarding positive thinking.

You might think, “What in the world does skin have to do with being positive?” 

The quick answer is energy. We all have it and we all use it, whether we admit it or ignore it or frankly don’t even know about it. Our energy dictates what happens in our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally. The long answer goes more like this:

August 2012

I have sensitive skin and allergies to poison ivy, hair dyes and the like, but also an autoimmune disease called plaque psoriasis, which while genetic was triggered by a nasty Prednisone shot taken in my high school years.  During this same time the curse of the staph infections arose (which if you don’t know they are hard, painful lumps of pus that can get quite enormous). The first infection I contracted at school in 2009 when I was a senior and dating my first serious boyfriend who, for better or worse, took me on an incredible downward spiral over the next 5 years. The hundreds of infections that followed surfaced as we dated on and off from that year and all through college, worsening as the relationship turned abusive and toxic.

I was miserable during the time everyone raves is supposed to be the best of your life.

Hospital visits, drunken fights and arrests frequented my life and I was no stranger to tears. My skin was angrier than ever (my ex affectionately nicknamed me the plague). By the end of my college years I had scaly psoriasis patches from head-to-toe and was usually sporting a few staph infections at a time, with negativity and sadness controlling my thoughts all while on the surface I struggled to play fine. My body was literally reacting to this false, forced mindset, oozing skin problems like wildfire. I couldn’t shake the infections which returned week after week. I controlled the psoriasis with shots (like Stelara) but if I missed a dose the patches came roaring back.

October 2016

It wasn’t until I escaped the relationship the summer after graduation and took a brave step into a new world of growth that my skin truly began to heal. It took me over another year and reuniting with an old friend (who is the best man I know and the love of my life) to learn a path of self love and acceptance. It was a hard year retraining my brain to think with more sunshine than rain but as the months passed I watched my skin clear in the process. I hadn’t taken a shot in over a year but no scaly patches returned. Months passed by without a staph infection, unheard of in those previous years. My skin calmed down as my mindset did, and as the positivity grew in my spirit so it reflected on my body.

A positive mindset breeds positive results.

I wasn’t helping my skin at all by being stuck in an ugly, unhappy relationship damaging my mentality. Physical occurrences are reflections of our energy and behaving negatively creates or worsens health problems. Whether or not the triggers were genetic or medicinal the fact of the matter is that as soon as I put myself into a positive state of living those skin issues went away. To this day I haven’t had a single staph infection in almost 2 years. My psoriasis only shows on my elbows and goes through phases based on my stress levels (the happier the clearer). I’ve never appreciated my healthy skin more.

I also smile and laugh every single day. I rarely cry. My life welcomes good vibrations and I made the choice to get here. It’s a simple choice really, even if it’s never the easiest one to make. The human mind is much more powerful than we’ve been taught to believe and the phenomena is spreading like an infection to those conscious enough to receive it. You have the power to write your own story with the touch of your mind. Shifting your thoughts optimistically is the first step on a much grander scale of self awareness.

Of course, there are much smaller scales of how positivity can influence life. The simple decision to think and act nicely first will make a world of difference in how you feel at the end of the day. Choosing to focus on the compliment your boss gave you builds confidence and will lead to better work habits. Letting go of anger over a rude driver who cut you off in traffic frees you from a bad attitude thus breaking any cycle of pessimist-passing to those you’ll interact with as the day presses onward.

I never used to be a bright side thinker!

In fact, I excused it by claiming it was better to prepare for the worst.  I don’t do that anymore, not much anyway. I’d rather think about the best, think about what could go right instead of overthinking what could go wrong. This way there’s no negative energy clouding the future manifestations of my hopes and dreams.

Positivity is vital to our livelihood and happiness as people. It’s what brings out the best in ourselves and others. There’s really no other way to live.

Until next time –

Yours for Happy Writing,

Lady Jenji



Published by Jenni Johnson

Jenni Johnson, aka Lady Jenji, is a writer, artist, and lover to all. She and her husband live in Palm Bay, Florida. They are quite fond of cats.

4 thoughts on “Positive Mindset, Positive Results

  1. So happy to hear that health is regained. More so happy for you that your smiling so much too. Keep writing, I’m reading and love it.


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