Week 1: The Super Moon

It seems another two months have flown by without so much as a peep from myself on this blog. Between Hurricane Matthew (we’re okay), my trip to Virginia, Halloween, and a weekend getaway with the love of my life I’ve been at a loss for time. Sure, I have other writing projects that take precedence. AndContinue reading “Week 1: The Super Moon”

The Ongoing Battle

I’m currently in the process of hiring new employees at my full-time 9 to 5 day job. I was talking to an applicant on the phone about the installer position and he expressed how important it was for him to find a positive work environment. I whole-heartedly agreed with this statement and after we wrappedContinue reading “The Ongoing Battle”

All-You-Can-Eat Made To Order Sushi With The Freshest Fish In Town For As Low As $12.95!

  Dear Fellow Food Enthusiast, Let me put your mind at ease. As a food connoisseur like myself sushi tempts and excites your palate. The very thought of fresh fish makes you want to grab your keys and hit your favorite local joint for a bite. OH but why, why is it nearly impossible toContinue reading “All-You-Can-Eat Made To Order Sushi With The Freshest Fish In Town For As Low As $12.95!”

My Newest Discovery: A Money Making Website

I recently came across this idea for writers called a money-making website, and to be honest I’m quite intrigued. It seems too good to be true: build an informational website around a favorite topic or passion and set up ads using other companies (like Google) and voila! You will start generating income. I’m sure there’s a catch,Continue reading “My Newest Discovery: A Money Making Website”

ASI Sign Expo 2016

I went to the ISA Sign Expo in Orlando, FL yesterday. What an amazing event to attend! Trade shows are one of the top ways to connect with other professionals in your industry, learn amazing techniques, and experience what new equipment is hitting the market. Wide format prints were everywhere – flatbeds, which I’ve neverContinue reading “ASI Sign Expo 2016”

Put It In Writing

Well I’m pretty unhappy with myself at the moment. I can’t believe it’s been over 2 months since I last posted. Here’s the problem… and it’s about time I admitted this to myself, in writing. Heck I’m a writer. I write every day (restrictions apply): In my journal, in my story, with my copywriting, evenContinue reading “Put It In Writing”