Why Picking a Niche is Harder Than You Think…

If there’s one must I’ve learned inside the freelance writer’s world it’s that the surest way to success is to pick a niche. You can generally center around a broad niche when collecting writing projects, but if you in any way want to have a popular blog or high traffic website the best thing to do isContinue reading “Why Picking a Niche is Harder Than You Think…”

My Newest Discovery: A Money Making Website

I recently came across this idea for writers called a money-making website, and to be honest I’m quite intrigued. It seems too good to be true: build an informational website around a favorite topic or passion and set up ads using other companies (like Google) and voila! You will start generating income. I’m sure there’s a catch,Continue reading “My Newest Discovery: A Money Making Website”

Put It In Writing

Well I’m pretty unhappy with myself at the moment. I can’t believe it’s been over 2 months since I last posted. Here’s the problem… and it’s about time I admitted this to myself, in writing. Heck I’m a writer. I write every day (restrictions apply): In my journal, in my story, with my copywriting, evenContinue reading “Put It In Writing”

It’s All About Who You Write For

Most of the time when I write online it feels like I’m writing to no one. As I pour thought and time into my posts I am strangely reminded that outside of my friends and family nobody really cares who I am. I’m not famous. I’m not rich. And I sure as hell haven’t done anything note worthyContinue reading “It’s All About Who You Write For”