13 Underrated Songs by Taylor Swift

I didn’t fall in love with Taylor Swift when she first started producing albums. In fact, I really didn’t listen to any of her music until later in the game. It was actually hearing “Love Story” on the overhead speakers at Michael’s Arts & Crafts sometime, I want to say, in late 2012 that intriguedContinue reading “13 Underrated Songs by Taylor Swift”

Proud To Be An American?

I love America. I do. Really. There’s a lot of wonderful, amazing things this country offers. Security. Opportunity. Convenience. Comfort. Free speech. We have the ability to do what we want, when we want to. Or, that is the illusion. The truth is, you can do what you want, so long as you stay inContinue reading “Proud To Be An American?”

Weekly Update -Halfway Through January

I’ve actually kept to my schedule this week. I am thrilled and excited with myself for keeping on track. Accomplishments from this week: -created a logo for Pam’s Drapery Designs (a few minor tweaks still in progress). -registered a domain and began work on the website for Pam’s Drapery Designs. Much construction still needed, howeverContinue reading “Weekly Update -Halfway Through January”

It’s All About Who You Write For

Most of the time when I write online it feels like I’m writing to no one. As I pour thought and time into my posts I am strangely reminded that outside of my friends and family nobody really cares who I am. I’m not famous. I’m not rich. And I sure as hell haven’t done anything note worthyContinue reading “It’s All About Who You Write For”