Let’s Bring People Together

To Whomever So Happens To Read This:

The truth is, I want to help people. The problem is I don’t know how to help people, especially since I don’t like most people.

I can’t even understand how most people think. I know there are ways to learn but more importantly I know humans are capable of so much more than what we do on a daily basis. I know that we can achieve greater things than that which we’ve been led to believe.

We’ve been to lied to.

The society that we live, that I particularly live in America, is ignorant. I’ve been sucked into it. I have student debt. I have rent and utilities. I have to eat (okay we all have to eat). I focus on my own life, the lives of those who live with me and our families. I work 9 to 5 and complain about my job like most of us in this country do.

I want to change the world into something more than what we are. There’s no reason we have to live the way that we do – jobs that take all our time and ultimately hurt our lives, caffeine that keeps us going, fake smiles while we deal with even faker “customers”, medicine that causes more harm than good, treatments that are hidden, choices that are forced on us (I’m talking POLITICS) and the lies that are spread by the media to create unrest and anger between all of us, the people. WE are being LIED to constantly.

We lie to ourselves, even. We pretend it’s okay. We believe that we’re comfortable.

Frankly, a large majority of us in the U.S. are comfortable. But a lot of us aren’t. Even with three square meals a day and a roof over our heads.

How do I get up off my ass and actually do something? How can I not be holed up, trying to just help myself in this life? I’ve done that enough. Haven’t I been serving myself for almost 26 years now (really though, do the first 10 years count)?

Haven’t I been a comfortable, privileged white woman?

What can I do to change the world for the better?

Bring. People. Together. 

It’s as simple as that.

But it’s also as hard as that.

We are all so separate. We only worry about our lives and what’s happening on a small scale. We talk with our neighbors, we sympathize with our friends, but do we we actually give a rats ass about the overall quality of human life on this earth?

People are starving. People are being murdered on mass scales. People are violent.

No, the world can’t be fixed in a day.

No, the world can’t be fixed in a year.

I highly doubt the world could be fixed in 10 years.

I still want to put myself on the right path to realizing this dream. I want to bring people together, because the only way to help myself is to help other people. We are all connected. We are all so much more than the physical world. We are all energy, and we all communicate on an energetic level.

Letting go of greed and money is the first step. Realizing that there are more important things, things that I wish all humans had the opportunity to experience; we could all have this opportunity if everyone could see the world the way I do.

But I have this will to help, to usher our society into a new era, an era without movie stars and the federal reserve and the NWO. I greatly dislike so many people that I find it hard to help. I need courage.

A lot of people won’t like the world I’m trying to shake, nor the lies I want to expose. A lot of people will. There are organizations out there, exactly like what what I propose, I’m sure of it. I’m going to find them.

We could have a society of truth and justice and caring. If all people cared about life, and not just human life but all life, as if it were sacred. As if it were more important than power and money and having estates all around the world. Why is this dream so hard to realize?

I think that more people believe in it than we realize. But we are all so separate.

I want to educate people on the corrupt system, though many of us acknowledge this truth we don’t act on it. I’m guilty. I don’t know how to act on it, not alone anyway. It will take a lot of people banding together to change our society and to really reverse the thinking and the lies and the slavery that we have fallen into.

I want to contribute to this effort.

I think my book, the fiction series I am writing, could be a contribution.  With my genuine thoughts and ideas poured into this series I could touch a widespread audience, could get people to acknowledge who I am and what I envision for this world. There’s a thousand, a million people who feel the same way I do.

But we’re all separate. We need to find each other. We need to change a community to start, one community that will live and treat each other as equals, with fair hours and trade of goods and expectations. Slowly we build a state that defends peace and true freedom and love. From the state we build a country. From a country, why couldn’t we change the world?

I’m not the first person to believe this. To want this. I know I am not alone. 

I need like-minded individuals to stand up with me. No one can do this alone.

I don’t particularly like people, but I think it is because most people in my country have fallen victim to this world.  If we could, together, remind humanity of what it truly needs, what we as people ultimately need, wouldn’t that be a start?

Awareness. I want to raise awareness.

More to come.


Lady Jenji



Published by Jenni Johnson

Jenni Johnson, aka Lady Jenji, is a writer, artist, and lover to all. She and her husband live in Palm Bay, Florida. They are quite fond of cats.

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