All-You-Can-Eat Made To Order Sushi With The Freshest Fish In Town For As Low As $12.95!


Dear Fellow Food Enthusiast,

Let me put your mind at ease. As a food connoisseur like myself sushi tempts and excites your palate. The very thought of fresh fish makes you want to grab your keys and hit your favorite local joint for a bite.

OH but why, why is it nearly impossible to have a great sushi experience on a budget? When it comes to sushi I’m prepared to drop $30+ on myself, for one meal.  It’s definitely not going to be a low bill, nor will it have as much variety as most sushi lovers prefer.

But yes, you read that headline correct:

 Fear no longer!

Sit back and imagine the two of us, chopsticks in hand, eating an endless supply of delicious sushi. Eating an unlimited parade of sashimi, nigiri, sushi rolls plus more and all for one exceptional low price.

This superbly crafted Japanese food is not sitting out on a buffet table made twenty, ten or even five minutes ago. It’s fresh and flavorful, made to order when you want it and as much as you want.

Step into The Sushi Factory.

 This hole-in-the-wall masterpiece hides behind a neighborhood in a quiet industrial section.  We’ll sit down in either the back bar or a modest dining area and the waitress takes our drink order. They have the usual sodas, teas, and beer, but a ten dollar unlimited saké deal is also available!

The food menu is a single laminated page front and back with over 100 listed items to choose from. The easy number ordering system is efficient and quickly explained; simply take a slip of paper, write your assigned seat number and the corresponding dish numbers that you want and hand to the server. They’ll ring you in and the food comes out anywhere from 3-10 minutes later, depending on the item. We’ll eat and then take another piece of paper and repeat. And then repeat and repeat, as many times as we’d like.

This sushi is made using only the highest quality ingredients and from the avocado to the fish there won’t be a disappointing bite on your plate. 

On the menu there’s popular special rolls like –

Rainbow Roll

Spider Roll

Golden Dragon Roll

Volcano Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll

 All the classic selections such as –

Maki Rolls



Hand Rolls

Deep Fried Rolls

And a variety of seafood including –






Plus so much more!


You can have all of this – the unlimited food that is – for as low as $12.95 per person.

$12.95 unlimited all-you-can-eat is available during the lunch shift Monday to Saturday 11am-3pm. If we decide to eat at the dinner shift from 5-9pm on the same days it’s only an extra $10 dollars. And they include special, extra items on the dinner menu, such as octopus and the sexy jalapeño (a must try appetizer).

You see, of course, The Sushi Factory doesn’t serve just sushi. They cook an array of casual Japanese cuisine such as hibachi dishes (like steak, chicken, and shrimp) noodle and rice dishes, appetizers including (but not limited to) spring rolls, dumplings, edamame, fried krab sticks, and of course soups and salads (like seaweed and spicy tuna but also regular lettuce).

You really can’t beat this deal anywhere in Melbourne, Fl; trust me, I’ve looked. From the personalized rolls, made fresh every single time you order, to the intimate atmosphere and fast and friendly service, it’s truly a must try for any sushi lover.

Just browse the online reviews and you’ll consistently find 4 and 5 stars:


“Legit all you can eat sushi!! Favorite roll by far is the

fancy tuna roll. Our new favorite sushi place. We

definitely got our $22.95 dinners worth! Try the

dumplings! And the calamari was also amazing!”

-Lee F.

“Great concept. All you can eat sushi. Made fresh to

order not a buffet. Very reasonable prices. Freshest fish

in town. It’s the definition of a gem; obscure location,

modest building and prices, excellent food. I’ve been half

a dozen times and keep coming back and bringing

others. Not just for sushi lovers. They have tons of

appetizers and hibachi grill items. All you can eat.”

-C. Berkley

“Great food, awesome prompt service, and great prices!!

Love this place.”

-Aaron and Janice P.

“When my GPS ended me at this place, skeptical! But

wow! THE BEST Tempura Calamari I’ve ever had States

side! (It’s a go to item for me so I tried many.) Perfect

texture and breading! Sexy Jalapeño is no joke but

utterly delicious! For a cool down, the surf clam was

perfect textured. What a pleasant surprise!”

-Victoria K.


The Sushi Factory was awarded “Top Rated Online” by TripAdvisor and even featured in Florida Today by multiple authors, one S. F. Leonard who wrote:


“This is where I give a disclaimer. If you fall into the

“sushi addict” category, you may want to stop reading

now. Sushi Factory could be detrimental to your diet.”


I was first introduced to The Sushi Factory while in a thrift shop buying furniture, of all places.  I was new to town and of course on the prowl to find my local sushi bar. When the owner of the thrift shop mentioned The Sushi Factory and gave me a to-go menu I knew it was a place worth checking out.

I couldn’t be happier that I stumbled across it.  The food is incredible. The prices are on point and for the quality there is no better place to eat at than at The Sushi Factory.

You really can’t wait any longer to try this place. Let’s go for sushi this weekend!



P.S. If you’re feeling hands-on, The Sushi Factory offers a bonus option:  an all-you-can-eat sushi making class for $29.95 per person! I can make us the Sunday night reservations and from 5-8pm and we’ll learn the secrets from a master, make as many rolls as we’d like and proudly eat them all! If we ever spend $30 on sushi again it might as well be for a three hour learning and unlimited eating adventure, wouldn’t you agree?






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