The Autumn That Passed in a Blur!

I’ve been hard at work these past couple of months! Several new projects were added to my portfolio, including a website design project for a dear friend of mine over at The Crunchy Leaf, a logo design project for the ever-amazing Weltz Paintball, and artwork designs for a paintball team called the Howling Hobbits. Additionally, tons of my CrusadeContinue reading “The Autumn That Passed in a Blur!”

Lady Jenji is now on Facebook!

Lady Jenji Writing & Design is proud to announce the launch of their official Facebook page! Please visit the page here and give us a like. Be sure to tune in daily to see our “Word of the Day” and other exciting news. Additional social media accounts are in the works so that we stay connected with theContinue reading “Lady Jenji is now on Facebook!”