The Autumn That Passed in a Blur!


I’ve been hard at work these past couple of months! Several new projects were added to my portfolio, including a website design project for a dear friend of mine over at The Crunchy Leaf, a logo design project for the ever-amazing Weltz Paintball, and artwork designs for a paintball team called the Howling Hobbits. Additionally, tons of my Crusade for Jurassic designs are making their way on social media as the paintball scenario game that my partner and I are producing draws closer.

Here’s a short look into the projects that have been dominating my life, and a sneak peak into what’s coming up next with Lady Jenji Writing and Design!

  1. The Crunchy Leaf

Photography, organizing, and natural health are three of the main topics my incredibly talented and passionate friend focuses on with her business. While her photos may take your breath away, it’s her personal journey through natural health that’ll truly inspire you to want the very best for yourself!

On the website my watercolor paintings are combined with Photoshop elements to create a crisp and modern, but satisfyingly fall-themed, layout.  My favorite part of this project was, unsurprisingly, the painting part! I love getting my hands dirty and breaking out my paint sets. Sometimes it feels like I don’t do that enough anymore.

Just a screenshot of the home page makes me want to whip up a mug of hot apple cider and cozy into my favorite sweater.


Go check out the entire website here! And don’t forget to browse the mobile version too.


2. Weltz Paintball

The owner of Weltz Paintball is a close friend of mine and seriously one of the most badass chicks I’ve ever met! She started the line Chicks Ball Harder™ and features tons of products geared towards the women of paintball through her company.

After much drawing, debating, and deciding, I composed this beautifully simplistic-but-says-it-all logo that’s currently being featured on t-shirts and products as the business continues to grow at an alarming rate.



We both couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the design! Weltz even shared with me this image of the logo displayed in multiple colors. Bright colors and my artwork? Yes please!

multi-color logo

See everything that’s going on with Weltz Paintball on their website here!


3. The Howling Hobbits

The Howling Hobbits are a relatively new paintball team that I’ve actually personally never met. A little online networking and a big thanks to my partner landed me the opportunity to create a couple of designs they want to use on t-shirts, jerseys, and other team products.

Their shield logo came together first as I played around with ‘howling’ at the moon and battle-appropriate themes, picking up of course the classic Tolkien font that’s utilized in all of the Lord of the Rings movies.



Their second logo showcases the three founding team members as rough hobbits, sporting tattoos and piercings and that don’t-give-a-shit attitude that’ll likely give them an aggressive edge on the playing field. The team colors are bright blue and purple, which I completely dig.



4. Crusade For Jurassic

It’s finally happening.

My partner and I were given the opportunity to produce our very own paintball scenario game! For those of you that missed my original post on scenarios and paintball in general check it out here! While my paintball blog never fully took off (I’m doing way too much if you can’t tell) it’s a great read on how near and dear this sport is to me.

Crusade for Jurassic is, big surprise, a Jurassic Park themed Paintball Scenario Event that’s taking place at Battlefield Orlando on March 9-11th, 2018. My partner and I are neck deep in production planning, mission and story writing, marketing scheming, and prop creating. The design projects I’ve created for the event so far are:

The official game jersey:



Event Flyer:



Social Media Event Art:



We have so much more to prepare for this game and I couldn’t be more excited, if not albeit a bit overwhelmed, for everything that’s got to get done. For more information on the event check out our Facebook page.

Currently I’m working on the game map and a special surprise project for the awards ceremony! See, typically after every paintball scenario each team’s General hands out awards to both individual players and teams, like Most Valuable Player or Most Formidable Opponent or the Young Gun Award. Seeing as how I’m an artist, I’ve decided to put my talents to good use and create a little something special for the winners of those awards at our game!

Keep on the lookout for updates regarding that project!

Additionally, I promised a quick sneak peak into some upcoming work that’s currently on my drawing table as we speak!

  1. A logo design for Ladies Night Paintball Radio! More to come soon as this radio segment, hosted by ladies for the ladies, is set to air starting late December or January.
  2. An article on the Proud Beauties for the Modern Day Pirates e-zine.

Oh yeah! As of September, my partner and I are now official crew members of the Order of Modern Day Pirates and Proud Beauties!


What’s this you ask? Check here for more information on what MDP is all about, but we are basically an adventure society that promotes adventure, community, charity, self-improvement, & mentorship! If you have any questions regarding the society I’d be more than happy to answer them for you.

So there you have it. The autumn updates that’ve been ruling my life. And I didn’t even get into the new full-time job that I started in early October! More to come on that later.

For now, until next time –

Yours For Happy Writing,

Lady Jenji


Published by Jenni Johnson

Jenni Johnson, aka Lady Jenji, is a writer, artist, and lover to all. She and her husband live in Palm Bay, Florida. They are quite fond of cats.

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