Why Someone Stalking Your Online Work Might Actually Be A Good Thing!

For anyone that’s had to deal with a stalker, whether in real life or in cyberspace, you know that it can be pretty scary. No one should have to feel threatened or frightened for their life or their family’s well-being. But sometimes, if someone’s creeping around on your website, portfolio, or other social media pagesContinue reading “Why Someone Stalking Your Online Work Might Actually Be A Good Thing!”

Tutorial: How To Turn a Raster Image Into 1 Color That Edits Like Vector Art in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial uses both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and is probably most handy for screen printing companies. That is where I learned the technique after all. In traditional screen printing it’s best to use vector art for printing spot color films (which are used to burn the screens). Vector art is crisp, you canContinue reading “Tutorial: How To Turn a Raster Image Into 1 Color That Edits Like Vector Art in Adobe Illustrator”

Picking A Pet: Cats vs. Dogs

So you’re ready to take the next step and add a furry companion to your life. That’s fantastic! But how do you know which animal will best fit your lifestyle and family needs? Have you thought about who’s going to be responsible for your companion? Will it be your kids? Your partner? Are you livingContinue reading “Picking A Pet: Cats vs. Dogs”

6 Things That Kill A Cat’s Happiness.

Most all pet owners love their fur-babies to death. I know that I do! My cats are my world and I’m always striving to make sure they’re happy and well taken care of. I’d rather go without than see my kitties go without. However, sometimes even the simplest things can have the biggest impact onContinue reading “6 Things That Kill A Cat’s Happiness.”

Is Paintball The Next Big Thing?

I played my very first game of paintball when I was twelve years old and on a church youth group event at Pev’s in Virginia. It was thrilling, it was overwhelming, but mostly I hated wearing the mask! It felt constrictive. Restraining. I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of being in the middle ofContinue reading “Is Paintball The Next Big Thing?”

Positive Mindset, Positive Results

There’s a reason positivity is all the hype these days. It’s a wagon people are jumping on almost as fast as millennials did social media, and here’s why: Positivity works. No tricks. No teases. Just results. I’ve personally experienced countless situations when shifting my mindset positively made a favorable impact, whether in my health, my life, or ultimately my happiness. TheContinue reading “Positive Mindset, Positive Results”

Character Drawing – The Protagonist

I’ll admit, I’m a little paranoid speaking or writing about my book series. I’ve got a long way to go before it’s ready for publishing and there’s a little part of me that wants to keep everything to myself for fear of losing a great idea or character to a thief. Not that anyone could everContinue reading “Character Drawing – The Protagonist”

The Advice That Saved My Fiction Writing

Fiction writing is like any other art form. It takes practice, perseverance, and technique to create the best version of the work. Without honing the craft and embracing innovative ideas it’d be difficult to grow as an author and create stories that live up to their full potential. The world I built (and am still building) forContinue reading “The Advice That Saved My Fiction Writing”

Why Picking a Niche is Harder Than You Think…

If there’s one must I’ve learned inside the freelance writer’s world it’s that the surest way to success is to pick a niche. You can generally center around a broad niche when collecting writing projects, but if you in any way want to have a popular blog or high traffic website the best thing to do isContinue reading “Why Picking a Niche is Harder Than You Think…”