Stop Expecting YOU From Everyone Else

I won’t lie. I get frustrated when people complete tasks subpar to what I could do. Whether at work, on the home front, or some other occasion, a little something inside ticks when I see other people cut corners or invest less than 100% into a project. I think, “I would have done x…” orContinue reading “Stop Expecting YOU From Everyone Else”

Do You Have the Right to Die?

I find myself trapped in a complex moral dilemma, and I’m not sure where I stand. It all started after reading a story about a 41 year old Canadian man who suffered from Motor Neurone Disease (MND) otherwise known in Canada as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Long story short, the healthcare funding he needed toContinue reading “Do You Have the Right to Die?”

A Best Friend Can Break Your Heart

People tend to forget that a best friend can break your heart. Why is it we’re so wrapped up in romantic love that we’ll take our friendships for granted, or worse, betray a person we call “friend?” Maybe it’s unintentional. Maybe we hide behind excuses. Or maybe, we all forget that we’re human, and humansContinue reading “A Best Friend Can Break Your Heart”

13 Underrated Songs by Taylor Swift

I didn’t fall in love with Taylor Swift when she first started producing albums. In fact, I really didn’t listen to any of her music until later in the game. It was actually hearing “Love Story” on the overhead speakers at Michael’s Arts & Crafts sometime, I want to say, in late 2012 that intriguedContinue reading “13 Underrated Songs by Taylor Swift”

The Many Faces of LOVE

Oh love, sweet love. One of my favorite things in the world. Do you know what I love most, about love? It makes people do things they felt otherwise incapable of. It pushes people to action. It moves mountains. Love, at its purest and healthiest form, is unconditional. It doesn’t matter what other factors might changeContinue reading “The Many Faces of LOVE”

A Short Dive Into Time

Time. We all have our own concepts on what it really means. After all, the word time itself can describe a multitude of things – “What time is it?” “Give me a moment of your time.“ “The times have been hard.” “It’s pretty hot for this time of year.” “The timing is off.” When you think of time, is it, in fact, purely clockContinue reading “A Short Dive Into Time”

Proud To Be An American?

I love America. I do. Really. There’s a lot of wonderful, amazing things this country offers. Security. Opportunity. Convenience. Comfort. Free speech. We have the ability to do what we want, when we want to. Or, that is the illusion. The truth is, you can do what you want, so long as you stay inContinue reading “Proud To Be An American?”

What Makes a Proud Beauty?

What makes a Proud Beauty? Is it her adventurous spirit? Her self-less love? Or honorable soul? A Proud Beauty approaches life with passion. With generosity. Bravery. Commitment. She chooses this lifestyle, living in celebration, compassion, integrity, and self-sacrifice as a woman and daughter of the earth. A Proud Beauty won’t stand to waste her lifeContinue reading “What Makes a Proud Beauty?”

The Autumn That Passed in a Blur!

I’ve been hard at work these past couple of months! Several new projects were added to my portfolio, including a website design project for a dear friend of mine over at The Crunchy Leaf, a logo design project for the ever-amazing Weltz Paintball, and artwork designs for a paintball team called the Howling Hobbits. Additionally, tons of my CrusadeContinue reading “The Autumn That Passed in a Blur!”

Stay Positive By Embracing Your Negative Emotions

Recently, life threw a handful of rough curve balls and stormy skies at me. Imagine that moment when you’re walking along, blissfully happy with the shining sun, your health, your work, and pretty much everything else happening in your life when suddenly you trip, land face first into a pile of mud, ruin your favoriteContinue reading “Stay Positive By Embracing Your Negative Emotions”