Money vs. Death

I’m not even sure how to approach this topic, but I’m compelled to write about it. The situation feels petty but genuine, heartless but frustrating, deserving yet I’m guilt-ridden. First, you need some backstory. It all began in December 2018 when my now-husband and I spoke to a paintball acquaintance, a health insurance agent, whoContinue reading “Money vs. Death”

Do You Have the Right to Die?

I find myself trapped in a complex moral dilemma, and I’m not sure where I stand. It all started after reading a story about a 41 year old Canadian man who suffered from Motor Neurone Disease (MND) otherwise known in Canada as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Long story short, the healthcare funding he needed toContinue reading “Do You Have the Right to Die?”