Do You Have the Right to Die?

I find myself trapped in a complex moral dilemma, and I’m not sure where I stand. It all started after reading a story about a 41 year old Canadian man who suffered from Motor Neurone Disease (MND) otherwise known in Canada as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Long story short, the healthcare funding he needed toContinue reading “Do You Have the Right to Die?”

The Many Faces of LOVE

Oh love, sweet love. One of my favorite things in the world. Do you know what I love most, about love? It makes people do things they felt otherwise incapable of. It pushes people to action. It moves mountains. Love, at its purest and healthiest form, is unconditional. It doesn’t matter what other factors might changeContinue reading “The Many Faces of LOVE”

Proud To Be An American?

I love America. I do. Really. There’s a lot of wonderful, amazing things this country offers. Security. Opportunity. Convenience. Comfort. Free speech. We have the ability to do what we want, when we want to. Or, that is the illusion. The truth is, you can do what you want, so long as you stay inContinue reading “Proud To Be An American?”

What Makes a Proud Beauty?

What makes a Proud Beauty? Is it her adventurous spirit? Her self-less love? Or honorable soul? A Proud Beauty approaches life with passion. With generosity. Bravery. Commitment. She chooses this lifestyle, living in celebration, compassion, integrity, and self-sacrifice as a woman and daughter of the earth. A Proud Beauty won’t stand to waste her lifeContinue reading “What Makes a Proud Beauty?”

Stay Positive By Embracing Your Negative Emotions

Recently, life threw a handful of rough curve balls and stormy skies at me. Imagine that moment when you’re walking along, blissfully happy with the shining sun, your health, your work, and pretty much everything else happening in your life when suddenly you trip, land face first into a pile of mud, ruin your favoriteContinue reading “Stay Positive By Embracing Your Negative Emotions”

Why Someone Stalking Your Online Work Might Actually Be A Good Thing!

For anyone that’s had to deal with a stalker, whether in real life or in cyberspace, you know that it can be pretty scary. No one should have to feel threatened or frightened for their life or their family’s well-being. But sometimes, if someone’s creeping around on your website, portfolio, or other social media pagesContinue reading “Why Someone Stalking Your Online Work Might Actually Be A Good Thing!”

Week 1: The Super Moon

It seems another two months have flown by without so much as a peep from myself on this blog. Between Hurricane Matthew (we’re okay), my trip to Virginia, Halloween, and a weekend getaway with the love of my life I’ve been at a loss for time. Sure, I have other writing projects that take precedence. AndContinue reading “Week 1: The Super Moon”

The Ongoing Battle

I’m currently in the process of hiring new employees at my full-time 9 to 5 day job. I was talking to an applicant on the phone about the installer position and he expressed how important it was for him to find a positive work environment. I whole-heartedly agreed with this statement and after we wrappedContinue reading “The Ongoing Battle”