Weekly Update -Halfway Through January

I’ve actually kept to my schedule this week. I am thrilled and excited with myself for keeping on track.

Accomplishments from this week:

-created a logo for Pam’s Drapery Designs (a few minor tweaks still in progress).

-registered a domain and began work on the website for Pam’s Drapery Designs. Much construction still needed, however I’m pretty proud of the layout.

-posted on Tuesday, as promised, about something entirely unrelated to writing.

-made some edits to my sample promotion Budget Brainiacs.

-fleshed out Tegan’s full family tree, a character in my novel series, and did some writing on her relationship to my main girl.


Since implementing my 3 day working schedule this past week I’ve realized two things:

  • First, there are not enough hours in my week (okay, we already knew this). But seriously, I wish I had more time to dedicate to this business. It’s slow building but I’m loving every step.
  • Second, I need to remember my downtime. Yes, it could be easy for me to spend every single week night after my long, mentally draining day working on my business. I would get lost doing this as after three or four weeks it would all come crashing down. I mustn’t forget to give myself time to relax and time to spend with my cats and my main man. Yes, I want to work hard, but No, I don’t want to kill myself.

Good things take time. So I’ll stick to my schedule, even though it doesn’t seem like enough hours. Even though when I was out to dinner with a friend I felt like I was wasting time that could be spent working. I remind myself that NO, taking downtime for myself is never a waste. If I never recharge then I’ll slowly but surely burn up all my creative juice and energy.  The tank must be refilled!

Here’s to my wonderful week of following through and hopefully to yours too.

Yours for Happy Writing,

Lady Jenji


Published by Jenni Johnson

Jenni Johnson, aka Lady Jenji, is a writer, artist, and lover to all. She and her husband live in Palm Bay, Florida. They are quite fond of cats.

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