Meet Lady Jenji

self-portrait-about-meLady Jenji is an alias that was adopted by Jennifer Lynn Gilray many years ago and has since become the centerfold for her freelance writing and graphic design business.

Born in Arizona, Lady Jenji moved to the east coast when she was 9 and spent the entirety of her teenage years traipsing the woods and cities of Northern Virginia. Her heart belonged to the arts from an early age and she spent countless hours writing stories, creating cartoons, and working on various projects. She has a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Kinetic Imaging (video & animation) and moved into the printing industry after college. She currently works full time as an Art Director for a local print and graphic design shop in Melbourne, FL where she lives with her longterm boyfriend and two adorable kitty cats. Lady Jenji pursues her freelance career on nights and weekends and hopes to break into the field of direct-response-copywriting in addition to being a freelance designer. She is also an amateur novelist working on her first three-part fantasy series and has enjoyed the many twists and turns that her characters have taken her on all while aiming to publish the first book before reaching her 30th birthday.

In addition to her many skills and talents, Lady Jenji is an outdoor loving, cat obsessed, wine-oholic with an enthusiasm for chocolate that borders on madness and she’s perfectly accepted this. Visit Lady Jenji’s services and samples pages to learn more about her work or read her blog to see what’s new in the life.

As always –

Yours For Happy Writing.


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