Writing Portfolio

Website Content Projects

  • Website Copy and Design. Website for Pam’s Drapery Designs; copy, artwork, and layout created (not including photography).

Pam’s Drapery Designs

  • Website Art and Layout. Watercolor artwork elements and website layout created for The Crunchy Leaf.

The Crunchy Leaf


Creative Writing Projects

  • Non-fiction Story. A non-fiction narrative honoring an old friend.

Saying Goodbye

  • Poetry. An ode to the Appalachian Trail.

White Blazes

  • Fiction Story. A fiction short.

Not Once, But Twice


Direct-Response Projects

  • Direct-Mail Promotion Package. This is a fictitious product and sample assignment to showcase Jenni’s copywriting and package design skills. The promotion includes an envelope teaser, the sales letter, lift note, and order form.

Budget Brainiacs – Print Sales Promotion Package

  • Direct-Response Letter. A sample restaurant sales letter for the Sushi Factory.

All-You-Can-Eat Made To Order Sushi With The Freshest Fish In Town For As Low As $12.95!