Recycling In The Workplace

For many people going green has become a way of life. As more of us start to recognize that we only have one Earth we’re stepping up to play our part in taking care of the world.

Recycling is a relatively easy way you can start contributing to the green initiative. While recycling efforts are more common on the home front plenty of companies are taking advantage of the benefits that come along with workplace recycling. Not only will your business be a part of protecting the environment and reducing waste, but you’re likely to gain new customers and increase the loyalty of old ones when you advertise your recycling program. Most people want to make the world a better, healthier place and your company image and reputation will increase when others see that you’re committed to helping too.

Getting started with a recycling program may seem like a huge task, but if you follow these simple steps, you’ll be kicking off the initiative in no time.

1. Create a plan. Consider your company wastes and the most appropriate recycling measures to take. Having separate trash bins for plastic, aluminum, and paper is a great place to start, but also consider other factors. For example, donating old computers and electronics is better than dumping them in a landfill. Track how much waste your company produces and outline your plan from there.

2. Educate your employees. Discuss the importance and benefits of recycling in the workplace and what programs you’d like to start. You may also want to put together a team that will lead the initiative and monitor its progress.

3. Contact waste management crew. Discuss the program with your custodial staff, property manager, and waste hauler to get input on how the collection system will best work. Identify if there are any markets for you wastes that could potentially lead to a small revenue source.  

4. Implement the program. Kick off the program with a meeting or fun event to get your team members excited. Make sure recycle bins are clearly marked and located next to regular trash cans in central locations so that it’ll be easy for everyone to participate.

5. Check your progress. Create a schedule for monitoring the recycling program to ensure your goals are being met and consider having rewards to encourage participation. If you have a recycling team let them provide suggestions for improvements.

6. Share your successes. You’ll want to share your recycling achievements with your employees through memos, company newsletters, and similar communication methods, but also take your successes public and share them with your customers and stakeholders. Encourage others to follow your example and start their own recycling programs.

Make the commitment to get your company started recycling as soon as possible. You’ll probably even persuade your employees to increase their own recycling efforts at home. For additional questions on recycling or if you need help getting started, please feel free to contact us.