Direct-Mail Copy Packages

Direct-Mail Promotions are perfect for alerting current and prospective clients about your products, services, discounts and deals, and/or brand new items. Standard snail-mail is making its comeback as the number of email and web promotions flooding inboxes today continues to grow at an overwhelming rate. A fresh, unique, and expertly written “letter in the mailbox” is still one of the top ways to connect with your audience and provide the solutions to their problems. Plus, you’ll find working with an AWAI trained copywriter positively charming.

  • Direct-Mail Promotions generally include:
    • Sales Letter
    • Testimonials
    • Lift notes
    • Envelope Teasers
    • Headlines
    • Order Forms

However, packets can be customized to fit your project’s specific circumstances, including selecting a graphic design service to complement the finished piece.

Direct-Mail Promotion prices are based on total page length, package components and expected project involvement. Extensive research is included for creating persuasive and emotionally charged copy, however there are additional factors that affect the final price (e.g. do you already have customer testimonials or will you need Jenni to retrieve them for you?). Clients are asked to provide as much information as possible regarding their product or service including previous promotions, client statistics, and any other components that may be useful.

Pricing is currently unavailable online. Since Jenni is a budding direct-mail copywriter she is willing to negotiate her first few assignments, offering bargain deals packed with tons of value.

Please use the contact page to reach out, discuss your project, and receive a free estimate!